0XUniverse Review

0XUniverse Review

This week, I started playing a new game on the ETH blockchain called 0xUniverse (<–play here). The game is made by a development team called 0xGames.

0xGames is an international group of game devs currently working on 3 crypto games. The games include: 0xuniverse, 0xbattleship, and 0xwarriors.

0xwarriors has just begun its pre-sale. (If you want to get involved, you can check it out here.)

How to Start Playing 0xUniverse

To start playing Oxuniverse, you must first own a planetYou can purchase a planet in 0xuniverse here. (<— Start here)

Planets come in 4 types: common, rare, epic, and legendary.

Common planets start at .014 ETH, and Legendary planets go all the way up to 100 ETH.

Once you own a planet, you can exploit its planetary resources.

These planetary resources include: inhabitants and minerals.

  • Each planet you discover is unique in appearance and all the legendary planets have been hand-crafted by artists.

Exploiting Planetary Resources

Each planet has two types of resources which you can exploit: inhabitants and minerals.

Planets that have inhabitants will generate “knowledge” over time.

Knowledge” can be used to invent spaceships, which will allow you to discover valuable planets that you will own.

  • You can either sell these planets or exploit them for resources they contain.


Almost all planets will have mineral resources. These mineral resources are then used to build spaceships (once they have been invented).

Rare minerals will be required for you to build higher ranking spaceships. Higher ranking ships will allow you to more easily discover valuable planets.

  • Rare Elements like Uranium, Diamond, or Titanium can only be found on Rare, Epic, or Legendary planets. If you want to build higher ranking spaceships, you will have to discover or purchase these higher level planets.

Inventing a Spaceship

In order to discover a planet, you must first invent a spaceship.

The invention of a spaceship requires the “knowledge” that is gained by the population of your planet. (It generates over time.)

The higher the population of your planets , the faster you will be able to generate knowledge. Knowledge will allow you to invent better, higher ranking spaceships.

A “higher ranked” spaceship gives you a better chance to discover a planet.

  • If you discover a planet, you “own” it.  
  • If your ship fails to discover a planet, then your spaceship is lost.

Types of Spaceships

Once you have invented a spaceship, you can use it to search for new planets.

Each ship will have different types of engines, sonars, and distances that they can travel. Higher ranking ships give you a much better chance of finding a planet!

Launching a Spaceship

Once you acquire enough “knowledge” to invent a spaceship and enough mineral resources to build one, you will be able to launch it from one of your planets you own.

When you launch, you might discover a new planet, which you will then own.

If you do not discover a planet, you will lose your spaceship and have to build another one!

My first launch was unsuccessful, so i lost my ship. I will have to wait another 12 hours, until my resources build up enough to launch another one.

Discovering Planets

Watch the video below to learn how to launch your spaceship and discover planets.

The Storyline in 0xUniverse

There is also a storyline which will be revealed when you discover a Legendary planets. The story will explain how the universe was created.

I don’t have too much info about the main storyline, but there is a mission which involves “finding a hidden planet of the Sculptors”. I think the Sculptors are a race which was involved in the creation of the universe.








Legendary planets will also have large populations. This will generate alot of knowledge, very quickly. They also have very rare resources like: Adamantium, and Unobtainium.

Soon to be added features of 0xUniverse

Oxuniverse just made a huge update (1.9) recently, adding “planet renaming” and “planet renting”.

New features will come as well as the mobile version soon, here is the roadmap. Coming up in Q4 is the ability to form “corporations” that can fight and earn crypto by controlling resources.

More 0xgame projects will be released soon including 0xWarriors, which will start its presale on 6th of November and will offer chests with unique items (check out the presale here.). 0xBattleships is planned to be released in beta around the new year, but an announcement will come with further info.

Have fun playing! Come discuss this game with me and participate in game asset giveaways on twitter @cryptogamesnow


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