Axie Infinity Review

Axie Infinity Review

This week, I got started with a brand new crypto game called Axie Infinity.

Axie Infinity is a game which is similar to Pokemon, and is built on top of the Ethereum blockchain. In this game, users can purchase, breed, battle, trade, and sell  virtual creatures called Axies.

If you want to get started with Axie Infinity, you can purchase a full grown Axie, a pod from the Axie lab, or an egg in the marketplace. (if you want to purchase an axie from the lab go here)

I was unsure what to buy at first (because this game is a little complex), so I went to the discord here and I asked them. They were very helpful and one of the devs gave me an excellent deal of .15 for 3 eggs, which i happily took them up on.

Once i had the eggs, i spent about 3 days growing them from egg to adult. The virtual creatures take a few days to transform from an egg, to a larva, to a petite, to an adult.

Its really exciting to see your Axies grow up, and see which traits they will develop. Below are the adult Axies i grew from my 3 eggs.

My Tank – I was told that one of my Axies (my plant below) has the highest total defense in existence!  A user on twitter has already offered to purchase it from me, but i want to hold out, because i want to battle.

Battling just opened up on the mainnet last weekend, so i want to use my tank to fight against other players. I’m very excited to test out my characters.

Types of Axies

There are six different “classes” of Axies. These classes include: the beast, aquatic, plant, bird, bug, and reptile classes.

Beast – the beasts are the warriors of the axie classes. They have high attack powers, critical hits, and accuracy.

I have two beasts for attacking, and one plant to put in the front for defense of my party.

Beast parts on your Axie will also improve the critical hit and the speed of your character.

Aquatic – Aquatic axies have a very high attack, speed and HP.On the negative side, Aquatic Axies have very low accuracy. They also have low Morale, which determines their critical hit damage.


Plant – plant axies are the “tanks” of the game. They are usually placed in the front of your party, in order to be the damage sponges for your weaker characters.

Plants have very high HP, as well as a high defense.

I was lucky to get a really good plant axie, with the highest overall defense on the platform.

Bird – birds have a very high speed and a good attack stats.

BUT, Bird Axies have a very poor defense. It is not good to put them in the front of your party. You should put them in back, behind the characters with high defense. This is where they will excel with ranged attacks.


Bug – Bugs have high accuracy, but very poor attack stats. On the other hand, Bugs do have a high critical damage ability.


Reptile – The Reptile class is very well rounded, but also very rare in the game. They are good at defense, and have a good HP.

(*NOTE) Certain axie classes will also have advantages or disadvantages, when fighting against other types of axies.

This video explains the Axie classes in greater detail:

What Type of Axie Should You Purchase?

You may want different Axies, depending on your goals with Axie Infinity.

If you are unsure which type of Axie you want, ask in the discord here.

I was looking to do some battling, so i got 2 beasts (which are the fighters), and 1 plant (which is the tank) to help my party absorb damage.

I think my Axies will be a good investment i the long run. My plant character has some good defense stats that will make it valuable.

Rare Axies can have alot of value. An Axie with 3 mystic body parts sold for the price of 9.5 ETH! The highest price Axie on the marketplace currently is listed for over $200,000.

What Type of Axies will Gain Value?

Axies that may have value when the game becomes more popular include: Axies with Mystic parts, Origin Axies, low ID number Axie, and Axies with good fighting stats.

The Axie which has sold for the highest amount of 9.5 ETH had 3 Mystic body parts, which is extremely rare. (An Axie has a .34% chance of having 3 mystic parts.)

Mystic parts can be upgraded to Legendary parts and are very powerful. This makes them very desirable, and very valuable.

The cheapest axie with a Mystic part is .63 ETH!

Axies will have a higher value if they have rare parts, or rare move sets.

Axie parts can be upgraded to four types: Common, Rare, Ultra Rare, Legendary.

Battling With Your Axies

I just tested the new battle system in Axie Infinity, which went live this weekend. I love it!

The game looks great, and has more depth than any other crypto game that is currently in operation. It is also really fun to play!


In order to fight, you need to choose your battle party, then select the move order for each Axie.

I was able to win 2 out of the 3 battles that i competed in.

Your Axies are able to battle 3 times every 12 hours.

I do feel that this game has a ton of potential to be one of the top 3 crypto games. I think if you put some effort into picking up rare axies, you will be rewarded financially when crypto hits the mainstream.

Good Luck Battling! Hit me up on Twitter here if you wanna talk about Axie Infinity or any other crypto games!

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