Blockchain Cuties Review

Blockchain Cuties Review

Blockchain Cuties is an Ethereum dApp which had gains of almost 70% in active users for the month.

The ETH transactional volume is pretty low at 7 (for 7 days), compared to the number one game, Crypto Kitties (at 1237!). But, it looks like it could be an up and coming game to watch out for.

The gameplay of Blockchain Cuties is very similar to Crypto Kitties. It has some additional functionality, which includes fighting, adventuring, and trading of virtual items.

Both games allow you to breed cute looking characters, with the offspring’s traits being a mix of the two parents. Characters with valuable traits can then be sold to other players for a profit.

Cuties can be equipped with items, which will increase their stats for battles in order to gain experience.

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Fighting in Blockchain Cuties


In addition to collecting and breeding Cuties, you can also fight your characters when they are sent out on an adventure.

Your character has additional traits including: power, attack, defense, evasion, luck, and drop. Good traits will benefit you when fighting other cuties.

Battling in Blockchain Cuties is “turn-based encounter”.

You may view the results of your battle after your cutie returns from their adventure. After a battle, your cutie will need to rest for a period of time before you can adventure or fight again.

Adventures in Blockchain Cuties


The Blockchain Cuties game allows you to send your character on an adventure, which can last from 10 min – 2 hours.

Adventures include: The Snowy Mountain, Magical Forest, The Desert, Ivory Tower, and Metropolis.

In the adventure, your cutie has a chance to bring back loot or wearable items like bracelets or potions. These items can be used to increase its stats before its fight with another cutie.

I bought my cutie from another player, so it came with a wearable bracelets, which increased my attack and defense stats by 1.

Some loot you can find is more rare, and thus can be very valuable to sell in the marketplace.

Wearables Items to Increase Your Stats

Wearable items can be used by your character to increase its stats before you battle other Cuties.

You can purchase items (like clothes or potions) from the online marketplace, or you can you can find them by going on adventures.

Your character has a certain percentage chance to bring back one of the useable items when you send them on an adventure.

Other types of items you can receive include: elixir of life, energy potions, hats, glasses, and shirts. These items all give you an increase in your stats.

Rare items can even be valuable and sold in the marketplace.

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