Chibi Fighters Review

Chibi Fighters Review

Chibi Fighters is a new RPG built on the blockchain, that includes an Adventure Mode, Hunt Mode, The Crystal Cave, and Battle Mode.

Chibi’s are an ERC-721 non-fungible token. You can purchase a brand new, random Chibi character for .1 ETH. (or about $18 at the time of this post)

Otherwise, you can also purchase a used Chibi Fighter, on I chose to buy one there and received a Mythic Gen 1 Chibi for .1 ETH. (Here’s a rare Chibi that i thought was a decent value on OpenSea)

Each Chibi’s fighter has a unique set of traits given to it by its DNA. These traits affect how your Chibi battles, how long it takes to travel, and its cool down time.

Character Traits

The traits of your Chibi characters are encoded in their unique DNA.

Chibis are randomly generated on the blockchain. Its traits, which are encoded in their DNA are generated randomly. You can also fuse your Chibis with other Chibis. (Fusing a Chibi is similar to “breeding” with other games.)

If you choose to buy a random Chibi, it may come with bad traits like laziness (slow travel and cooldown time). Or, it might come with good, rare, mystery traits that can make it very valuable!

These genes affect the time it takes for a Chibi to travel, how well it fights in battle, its cooldown time,  as well as which traits are passed to their offspring when they are fused.

Mystery genetic traits are also found in some Chibis. These mystery traits will be revealed once new features are added to the game.

If you want to see how rare a Chibi trait is you can visit the traits page here

Fusing Chibis (Breeding)

Your Chibi Fighters can breed, just as they can in games such as cryptokitties. But, in this game, it is called Fusing.

Fusing will combine the traits of two Chibi’s, which will output a mix of their DNA, along with some random traits.

The cost to fuse two Chibi’s is around 0.01 – 0.05 ETH.


Chibi Fighters has a pretty simplistic fighting system, similar to rock, scissors, paper.

The moves you can pick are are stab, slash, and dodge. You can choose the order that your character does these moves.

The fight system of Chibi Fighters is “off-chain”, so battles wont cost a gas fee like many other crypto games.

To first start out playing, you will need to claim a daily reward of coins. This will get you started wagering coins when you battle.

Winners of battle mode can receive both ETH shards and coins.

Adventuring in Chibi Fighters

When you begin the game, you must go adventuring to earn experience, coins, ETH shards, or bounty contracts.

First pick an area, then send your character off to forage for items and battle. New areas will be unlocked, as your Chibi earns experience.

If your Chibi has certain traits, it will reduce the amount of rest time you need, before you go on another adventure.

I’ve only visited one adventure area so far, so i’m not sure if the gameplay differs, in the unlocked areas of the game.

You can even join a clan, and hire members to help you fight. I’m in the Snek Squad!

Loot Boxes, Consumable Items, and Gems

After you go adventuring, loot boxes will appear on your account page.

Click on these loot boxes to receive EXP, coins, and items. You will most often receive: health potions, gems, coins, bounties, and experience in the loot boxes.

You might also receive Legendary Fragments in the loot boxes.  Fragments can be used to convert items like gloves, hats, and leggings into Legendary items.

Legendary items can be sold on the market, or used by your character.

Common types of gear you can buy to turn into legendary items include: helmets, leggings, gloves, and chest pieces.

Gems are an important item which can also be found while adventuring. A gem is equal to 533 Eth Shards. Gems can also be staked in the crystal cave, for a percentage of the Eth crystal rewards that week.


When you first start the game, you will have no bounties.

After you do a couple adventures, some bounties will show up on your account page. Click on “bounties”, then select your Chibi to start one.

The bounties will allow your character to fight waves of enemies for items, and coins. There are 75 waves of coins before the battle is over.

Earning ETH Crystals in The Crystal Cave

Eth Crystals are an off-chain currency.

You can use Eth Crystals to purchase gear and other items. You can play the game using crystals, which will require NO gas fees.

To earn Eth crystals, you can go out on adventures, and can bring back gems.

These gems can then be “staked” each week in the crystal cave for a percentage of the ETH crystals generated in the cave.

The gems will be reset after the week is up, so you will need to earn and deposit more gems after the week is up.

You can also buy ETH crystals for ETH.

Mini Games to Earn Coins and ETH Shards

When you start playing Chibi Fighters, you will need to earn some coins, or some ETH shards in order to begin fighting.

You can play a couple mini games for free each day, to earn coins. Mini games include: Coin Tap Game, Zepplin Game (left).

Once you have some coins, you can wager them to battle with other Chibis.

New Features Coming Soon

Since the DNA of a Chibi encodes for complex traits and mystery traits, more complex game features can be added to the game.

The developer has plans to add an RPG module soon, which will fill out the gameplay as well as bring leveling to the game. Boss fights will also be added soon.

Good Luck playing Chibi Fighters, follow me on Twitter here for a chance to win my character. I’m trying to give away a virtual character after every review, so stay posted!

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