Crypto Galaxy Walkthrough

Crypto Galaxy Walkthrough

One of the first, and definitely one of the best looking games, built on top of the NEO blockchain, is Crypto Galaxy… 

The Crypto Galaxy game is available now, for both iPhone (here) and Android phones (here). 

Released on April 23 2018, Crypto Galaxy is a new blockchain game where players can explore the galaxy, as well as conquer, mine, or purchase new planets.

Users can buy three different types of mining robots including: a Galabot, Grubber, andWhale. This will allow them to gather 3 different elements on planets that exist in the crypto galaxy universe.

The three mineable elements include: Glore, Beryl, and Sapphire.

“Mined” elements, can then be redeemed for “gala tokens”. GALA will soon be listed on an exchange for purchase or sale once some legal and technical implications are worked out by Zeepin.

You can earn GALA tokens in-game, and you will soon be able to just buy them outright with cryptocurrency! (there are also private sales of GALA as well, although not recommended)

Gala tokens can be used in-game to purchase better performing robots, robot upgrades, and even planets!

Planets are very expensive purchases, requiring alot of mining to accumulate the required GALA. One planet i was looking at cost around 123936 GALA! 

Once you own a planet, other users can also mine on it, splitting the return of minerals with you. 

As you progress in the game, you will be able to generate more GALA, by buying better robots and more planets, as well as staking ZPT tokens in your account.

I personally tried staking 150 ZPT tokens. The cost was about $5.00 for 150 coins and i earned a very small amount of GALA for it. (I earned about 2.5 GALA over 10 days for staking 150 ZPT tokens in my account.)

How to make Crypto Galaxy work on Your Iphone and Android Phone

The Crypto Galaxy game is available now, for both iPhone (here) and Android phones (here). <—

If you like this tutorial and want to sign up under me, you can use my referral code: 2580Gg (case sensitive)

Android phones should work immediately, but iPhones will require an extra step.


If you have an iPhone, there are two extra steps you need to take.

1) After app is downloaded, navigate to “settings”–> ”general”–> ”device management”.

2) Then click “trust this app”(TOP LTD TOV)

After that… register your new account and begin playing.

(The Android version of Crypto Galaxy will NOT require this extra step.)

What Elements Can You Mine in Crypto Galaxy?

There are seven different types of elements to mine in Crypto Galaxy. (Only three elements are available to mine in this current version.)

When you start out, only three minable elements are available, including: Glore, Beryl, and Sapphire.

Each mineral has a different GALA exchange ratio, allowing you to earn more GALA as you mine with better robots.

More elements will be unlocked after the beta is finished. Many new features will be added to the game soon.


How to Increase Your Mining Ability in Crypto Galaxy

You can improve your ability to mine by buying up to 3 robots: the Galabot, the Grubber (160 Gala), and the Whale (2500 Gala)

These robots can mine on 3 different planets simultaneously!

You will be able to purchase “robot upgrades” with GALA tokens in the next version of the game.



How Can You Buy Better mining Robots?

In order to earn gala, you need to use a robot to mine minerals.

You start out the game with a level 1 GalaBot.

Next, you can also purchase a Grubber robot for 160 Gala.

The best mining bot in the game, is called a Whale. You can purchase it for 2500 Gala.

The whale robot will allow you to mine the best minerals, which can be exchanged for higher amounts of GALA.

All three mining robots can be purchased and used simultaneously on 3 different planets.


How to Buy a Planet in Crypto Galaxy

New planets will be generated with random characteristics from each new block that is mined.

Each planet is completely unique in color, characteristics, rings, craters, and minerals.

Planets will show up under “NEW”, with the cost for the planet to the left being 123936 GALA.

Once you own a planet, other users can mine on them. A percentage of the minerals that are mined on your planet by other users, will be credited into YOUR account.

You can name your planet, for all the other players in the galaxy to see.

Once you own a planet, Technology Upgrades can boost mineral yields by up to 50%. (You can lock up your ZPT tokens to increase the yield of gala that is generated from Tech Upgrades.)

The minimum lockup period is one day. During this period, you will be unable to withdraw your ZPT tokens.

How to Trade or Sell Planets in Crypto Galaxy

The selling and trading of planets will soon be added as a feature of Galaxy EX Marketplace. You will be able to list your planet when this marketplace launches next year.

Since CryptoGalaxy is still in beta, planet trading and selling is NOT yet available.

It might be wise to start accumulating Gala, and buy planets now, before online trading commences. (Once these planets are up for sale, it might be much more expensive to purchase them.)


Tips for Earning Gala Tokens

Gala tokens are the currency that drives the economy in CryptoGalaxy.

Gala can be generated in multiple ways including mining, staking ZPT tokens, and checking in once per day.

You can continuously upgrade your mining robots, invest into the purchase of planets, and improve your technology to increase your daily Gala yield.

You will soon be able to mine GALA tokens with external hardware as well. This feature will be introduced by Zeepin in the near future.

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