Crypto Rome Review

Crypto Rome Review

I just started playing a new crypto strategy game called CryptoRome. (Please follow me on Twitter here to win a $20 Crypto Rome village)

This game allows players to own a plot of land, grow grapes to produce wine, control territory, and use their troops to battle against other players.

CryptoRome is an very simple game, but it is surprisingly fun to play.

I liked competing against other players, winning regions, and earning rewards for beating my competitors.

If you win the overall prize for the day, you can win a village which allows you to generate more troops, grow more grapes, and produce more wine to better fight against other players.

There is more strategy to this game, than you might think. If the developers work to add more features, and make the fighting system more complex, it would really improve the gameplay. I also think that adding better prizes for winning, or giving the ability to take over another users village, would be a cool feature.

I also like that there aren’t alot of gas fees needed, in order to battle. (Too many gas fees will ruin any crypto game.)

Battling Over Territory in Crypto Rome

When a player begins the game, they are given a plot of land, and a total of 150 troops which they can use to hold territory over other players.

They use these troops to fight over a total of 15 villages, with 3 regions.

Players place their troops on a card in order to hold the territory.

If they have the most troops on a “card”, when the 3 hours time period is up, they win the card, and a chest of Denari, which can be used to upgrade barracks to produce more troops.

Users compete for points to become the Red Senator, Blue Senator, Green Senator, Black Senator, or Caesar for the day. Unfortunately, it is just a title, but it would be nice if being a Senator or Caesar gave the special rights or abilities in the game.

After you win a region battle, you will earn 20 Denari (the currency of the game). You can use the Denari to upgrade your barracks and produce more troops. I’ve upgraded twice and now my barracks produce a maximum of 400 troops.

Holding Your Territory

There are a few more strategies that you can use to better hold your territory when competing against other players.

I like to wait until the middle of the night to place my troops. There are certain times during the day when there isnt much competition for territory.

Also, i will place the majority of my troops on one region, then fortify them with a wall and wine. This hides the amount of troops you have, so players will send less troops to attack you.

You can also deploy a centurion. This will give you bonus troop strength on a particular card, for the duration of the battle.

Growing Grapes and Making Wine

Another aspect of the game revolves around growing grapes on your plot of land, then turning these grapes into wine which you can use to fortify your troops.

You start with 300 grape plants on your plot. Grapes are produced by your plot, as time goes by.

You can then plant grape seeds to increase your yield of grapes. Each plot can hold 1000 grape plants.

Once your plants grow enough grapes, you can turn these grapes into bottles of wine.

You can even sell these bottles of wine for ETH!

Good luck playing CryptoRome. I’m giving away a village, so follow me on Twitter here for a chance to win it.

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