Crypto Saga Review

Crypto Saga Review

I came across a new game called Cryptosaga which is a turn-based RPG, with full animations. It didn’t really have a ton of transactional volume, but looked interesting so i bought a character for .02 ETH. (You can buy your own character here)

My goal with this site is to invest in different characters/virtual items from very new games with potential, then do a review of them.

i’m hoping to re-sell some of these characters for a profit. BUT, at the very least, i will give the characters away to my followers on Twitter (@cryptogamesnow) and my email newsletter subscribers.

I decided to purchase 2 brand new random characters in CryptoSaga. I received an Uncommon Lizardman, and a Rare Astrologian.

The Lizardman is a fairly weak character that seemed to get killed pretty quickly. I put him in the front of the party, so he can absorb the majority of the damage. He is always the first to get killed.

The Astrologian is a better character than the Lizardman.  She does magic attacks and has 189 Battle Points. This character is much more effective at killing enemies and uses magic at a distance.

Once I added this second character I was doing much better in the dungeons and arena battles.



Next, I also made a purchase of a CryptoSaga character off of the exchange. This was a much smarter strategy, as i could pick up a higher level character for almost the same cost as a random character.

I was able to pick up a heroic character Crimson Rogue, with some experience.

He was much better to battle with compared to some of my other characters (lizardman i’m looking in your direction!).

He had a higher level of BP (battle points) and was also very close to hitting level 2, for pretty much the same price as a random stock character.

After a few battles, I was able to level up this character to a level 2. But, it was a little annoying that you have to pay a gas fee to level up the character though. (But, that is what games are like on the blockchain.)

I began battling with 3 characters in my party, which is not a smart idea in CryptoSaga! This is because you are fighting against 4 enemies. So, if you don’t disbatch them in 3 rounds of fighting, you don’t get a chance to have another turn.

This means you won’t clear the dungeon or move to the next level. Make sure you have a full party, BEFORE you start!

If you want to buy a decent character off of, here is one that i found which is inexpensive and is a good character.

Summoning Characters

You can also summon a hero using gold, MPV tokens, or Mileage Points. I think you earn Milage Points by referring other players into the game.

You earn gold by playing the game and completing dungeons.

I haven’t tried any of these summoned characters, so i’m not sure what their attributes are.

Dungeon Fighting

The dungeon fighting is turn based system, which plays out after you make your transaction on the ETH blockchain.

When you are battling, it is important to have a full party (four) of characters, because you will have to defeat your enemies with less turns as i did, because i was only playing with 3 characters.

You will perform much better with higher level heroic, or rare characters. (This is why you might want to pick one up from here)

I defeated the first level of dungeon one and received 100 experience, as well as some gold.

Fighting Other Players in Arena Battle

In the arena battles, you fight against other parties which are ranked in Arena mode.

You can choose parties out of the top 20 ranked players, then battle them for gold and experience.

I’m not sure if you receive any extra rewards from placing in the top spots in arena mode. I didnt win any of my battles.

Have fun playing CryptoSaga, if you want to win some of my characters or virtual items, please follow and retweet on Twitter here for a chance to win them.


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