Ether Kingdoms Walkthrough

Ether Kingdoms Walkthrough

Ether Kingdoms is a brand new crypto game which has just entered the top four positions for games on the Ethereum blockchain. The game has recently become popular with almost 250 active daily users.

The recent boost in traffic is likely due to the recent airdrop of in-game currency called IMP tokens. IMP tokens are required to battle with other characters in Ether Kingdoms.

I received my airdrop of 10 IMP tokens, as well as a reward of 100 IMP tokens for completing all of the quests in the game.

In order to battle in Ether Kingdoms, you must wager a certain amount of IMP tokens. By battling and wagering tokens, you will be able to earn experience and level up your character.

The amount of experience you earn in Ether Kingdoms directly depends on the number of IMP tokens that you wager in a fight. (i.e. if you wager 10 IMPs, you will earn 10 experience.)

You can also stake your IMP tokens by “sending your imps to the mines”. I sent 200 IMPs to my mines and am receiving 1 IMP per day in return. (The more IMPs you stake, the more you will receive each day in return)

Equipping Your Ether Kingdoms Character for Battle


If you want to win IMP tokens in battle, you will need to upgrade your character by adding items.

Items can improve your characters stats including: damage, defense, critical hit, dodge, and extra attack.

I completed an in-game quest, and I received an item in a gift box.

The item was a tuna. I equipped the tuna to improve my damage by 10% and my critical hit chances by 1%.

There are a couple more ways that you can earn items in Ether Kingdoms.

You can upgrade your character to level 100, then access the castle to find unique items.

You can also receive gift boxes by winning battles and ending up on the leader board. If you end up in places between 1 – 50, you will receive a gift box that will give you items and IMP tokens.

Some of the items you can receive are very rare.  These rare items may be worth alot of money, if the game becomes popular.

Selling Items from Ether Kingdom


Equipping items on your character, can improve your chances of winning in battle. For example, i received a tuna, which improves my damage by 10% and my critical hit chances by 1%.

In addition to equipping the items you find in Ether Kingdoms, you can also sell them to other players on an exchange.

If you want to sell your items you can click “claim“.

Once you do this, it will mint your item as an ERC-721 coin. It can then be sold on an exchange to another player who wants to increase their own stats so they can increase their statistics for battles.

You can sell your items on the exchange

On the exchange, you can also buy items to increase your stats, and your chances of winning a battle. Some items that you can purchase include the: battle monk armor, the oak destroyer shield, and the double rifle.

Mining in Ether Kingdoms


Another way that you can earn IMP tokens other than battling, is to send them to the mine.

You can earn new mines, as well as increase the amount you can stake, by battling and leveling up your character.

I sent 200 IMPs to my mines, to receive a return of 1 IMP token per day.

You can upgrade your mines by leveling up. This allows you to send more IMPs to your mine and increase your mining reward.


Rare Items in Ether Kingdoms

If you want to succeed in battle to win IMP tokens, you will have to unlock item slots by leveling up and acquiring rare items which will improve your character stats.

These items are available for purchase on

Some powerful items that i found include: the Mjolnir (provides a 70% attack boost), the Battle Monk (provides a 45% health boost), Space Agent (provides 100% health boost).

The space agent suit is listed for about $400. If this game becomes more popular, I think that these items could dramatically increase in value.


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