Etheremon Walkthrough

Etheremon Walkthrough

Etheremon is currently the #1 game dApp on the ethereum blockchain. It is also the fourth most popular dapp overall. It has around 500 daily users, and 43 ETH in transactional volume weekly.

You can access the game by installing Metamask, then using it to perform transactions in the game. I use Metamask through the Brave browser, which has it installed by default. (—>play here<—)

Etheremon allows users to capture, train, rent, sell, and battle monsters on the blockchain.

There are multiple game modes including: gym, practice, adventure, and battle modes.

Users can acquire a mon by catching, buying, or renting them, then battle or train them to increase their stats. They can even buy eggs, which will hatch random types of monsters.

The monsters can be trained in gym mode, in order to increase the levels of a monster, including its HP, power, and its overall value to rent, sell, or train other Etheremon.

You can capture one of three types of Etheremon for free here. The types that are free to capture include: Mintols, Kyari as well as Omnoms.

I caught my first monster about a week ago. This is my Etheremon called “Lil Sqawkers”.

My mon is a Mintol. It has two powers including leaf and ice.

I spent a little money at the training gym to increase its level to 2. It cost about $1.30 to upgrade it from level one to level 2.

Each transaction or move you make is done on-chain, so it will require a small fee to battle, train, or upgrade your monster.

If I increase my monster’s level up to 20, it will physically transform. This will give my monster extra power, and change how it looks.

Some Etheremon will be able to lay an egg. They will also be able to sell the eggs that the monsters lay.

In the near future, you will also be able to access game modes including Adventure Mode, where you will be able to capture rare and powerful mons that aren’t available to capture in any other way.

These rare mons will never lay an egg, so they will be the most difficult to acquire, and the most valuable.

How to Train Your Etheremon

If you want to increase the level, HP, and BP (battle power) of your monster, you will have train them in the gym or battle them with other players.

You can also gain experience to level up your mon in Adventure mode (seen left), which is coming soon.

There are different settings where you can play with your etheremon in adventure mode including: Bali, Amsterdam, Bangkok, and Hollywood.

Renting and Selling Your Etheremon

You can generate revenue from your Etheremon, by renting them out or using them to train other monsters.

If you have a mon with alot of experience, HP, and BP, you can charge more to rent it out.


Rare mons will cost more than more common mons to purchase. The most expensive mon has recently sold for 5 ETH!

I can sell, rent, or trade my lil Squakers mon by clicking on the “sell, lend, or transfer” button under the my mon tab.

Gen 0 – 4 Etheremon

Different generations of etheremon, will look different, as well as have different abilities.

Gen 0 mons have no ancestors and will never lay eggs, no matter how much they are upgraded. They are unavailable to capture, and can only be purchased in the marketplace. This makes them rare and more valuable.

There is also another type of Ethermon called a Gason.

A Gason can be added to a battle party to increase all of the defensive stats for the mons of the same type.

A Gason cannot lay an egg.

How to get an Ethermon

You can catch one, buy one, rent one, or buy an egg which hatches a random Ethermon.

I choose to capture one of the three free mons. I caught a Mintol. There are also Kyari, as well as Omnom’s which are available for free. You can catch your own here.

Please follow me on twitter here, to get a chance to win my Little Sqwakers mon.

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