Gods Unchained Walkthrough – Learning to Make Money with Virtual Items

Gods Unchained Walkthrough – Learning to Make Money with Virtual Items

I first noticed the Gods Unchained game when i was checking out the daily transactions of dApps on the Ethereum blockchain. The game had a 7 day transactional volume of 286 ETH, and almost 2000 monthly users. (Which is pretty good, because most dApps don’t really have many users yet.) (—>Buy Gods Unchained Genesis card packs here.<—-)

I saw that this brand new game had risen in volume up to the number four slot within the last 24 hours. It also had investments from Coinbase Ventures, Continue Capital, Sora Ventures, and Nirvana Capital.

It’s now the 3rd most popular game on the Ethereum blockchain. (You can check out the volume of ETH transactions, and the amount of daily users for all Ethereum dapps on the site here.)

This made me realize that this game, and gaming in general on the blockchain will HUGE! The space just needs a little more time, so i’m learning as much as i can about this space. I’m trying to prepare for when it takes off.

Blockchain games let users earn cryptocurrency and virtual items. Eventually they will want to spend the money that they earn in-game.

I think that gaming will be one of the first ways a user will get into earning and spending cryptocurrency.

I’m dedicating my time to learning how i can start to earn, purchase, and selling the virtual items that i earn in the games.

I just bought 3 card packs to test it out, here’s what i learned about the game…

The Gods Unchained Card Game

Gods Unchained is a card battle game on the Ethereum blockchain, which is very similar to the Magic the Gathering, or Pokemon card games. (You can check out the game or purchase card packs here.)

There are a total of 380 unique cards available in the Genesis Season, for you to collect.

The most valuable cards in the game are Genesis Titans. There are four total Genesis Titans. (two are left now)

One of the titans, the Hyperion has just recently sold at auction for over $60,000 USD! The final bid came in at 146.28 ETH.

This is pretty amazing because the game is not even up and running yet.

I decided to purchase three card packs, to see what this game was about. The cost of the packs ranges from 0.012 ETH to 1 ETH.

You can purchase 4 different types of card packs including: Rare, Epic, Legendary, and Shiny Legendary card packs.

The Rare packs contain 5 genesis cards and at least 1 rare card or better.

The Epic pack contains 5 genesis cards and at least 1 card that is epic or better.

The Legendary pack contains 5 genesis cards and at least 1 is legendary, and one is rare or better.

The Shiny Legendary pack contains 5 genesis cards and at least 1 is shiny and legendary, also one is rare or better.

Each pack also provides the chance to receive one of four Genesis Titans, as well as tickets to the world championship tournament in 2019 for over $300,000 in prizes.

What Cards Did I Receive in my Packs?

I purchased 1 Rare and 2 Epic packs. The cost was $4, and $40 respectively. 

Here’s what i received in my packs:

Here is the Rare card that i received. You can tell it is a rare card, because of the blue crystals next to the name.

Here is the Epic card that i received. The purple crystal next to the name denote that it is an epic card.

I’m not too sure if these cards are any good, but i received 1 rare card and 2 epic cards in my packs.






Some of the cards also have a blue crystal in the upper right-hand corner. (I havent been able to figure out what it means.)

If you know please leave a comment to me on Twitter here.

When will the Gods Unchained game be available to play?

The God’s Unchained cards are now available for purchase on their website here, with beta early access coming in Q4 of 2018.

I’ve never played this type of card game, but i’m trying to learn about blockchain games and virtual items, so i’m definitely gonna play when it comes out.

Version one of the trading card marketplace launches in Q4 of 2018. I plan on waiting a while to sell or trade my cards. I feel like the Genesis cards could become valuable if this game becomes popular and has a long life. 

The God’s Unchained Team even has plans for a VR release in Q1 of 2019, which seems pretty interesting to me. VR would add a nice touch to a multi-player game like this.

You can start playing the game this year, when the early access beta opens up in Q4.

The first tournament, which has an over $300,000 prize pool, begins in Q1 of 2019. Tickets for the tournament can be earned by purchasing card packs.

How can you Sell your Cards at Auction?

The marketplace to buy and sell God’s Unchained cards will be ready for trading, by the end of this year.

You will be able to sell and trade your cards when the marketplace opens in Q4 of 2018.

Since this game is so new, there are still many features which will be added. That is why i’m starting my collection now!

2019 Gods Unchained Tournament

God Unchained is holding a world championship tournament in 2019 for over $300,000 in prizes.  You have the chance to win one of over 20,000 tickets when you buy card packs.

I didn’t win a tournament ticket in my packs, but there are still chances to get in the tournament, when you buy a card pack.

Good Luck if you decide to buy any packs! Please follow me on Twitter here to learn more about blockchain gaming, and making money buying and selling virtual items.


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