Hyper Dragons Review

Hyper Dragons Review

I recently bought a Hyper Dragon character for a very reasonable price of 0.011 ETH (about $2.65 at its current price).

I noticed that it had risen to the 8th spot on the State of Dapps game section. (i watch this site to keep track of up and coming dapps/games)

My character is a Gen 0 hyper dragon, with a decent skill of “claw”, and a good mining power of 111.

I also like his face. He looks extremely relaxed and “mellow”, if you know what i mean.

Upgrading Your Infrastructure in Castle War Mode


The Castle War Mode of the game revolves around mining resources, attacking other castles, and mining DST tokens.

You can mine: sand, crystal, and elixir. You then use these resources to upgrade your infrastructure.

Higher level infrastructure will increase the output of these supplies. You can upgrade the Spirit stone, Dragon castle, Sand Mill, Moon well, etc.

To harvest sand, crystal, and elixir items,  you must “periodically click on the resources”.

As you upgrade your Dragon Castle, additional elements of your infrastructure will become activated. If you upgrade your dragon castle to level two, you will have two sand mills, two spirit stones, and two moon wells activated, and so on.

As you upgrade your Dragon Mine, you will be able to send more dragons to the mine, thus boosting your DST income.

DST (Dragon Series Token) is the currency of the game. Later on it becomes necessary to upgrade your castle or your mine. The DST token can be purchased on the DDEX exchange.

Mining with Your Dragon

I just started mining with my dragon. I mined for a solid 8 hours on level 1 and received 1.8 DST tokens.

You can use up to 8 dragons simultaneously to mine more DST tokens.

It was a little confusing when i started. To start mining you have to first “draft” a dragon.

Click the “drafting button” in the bottom left corner, then choose the dragon you want to mine with, then start mining.

If i wanted to upgrade my mining facility past level 4, i had to buy or earn more DST tokens. You can purchase DST tokens on the DDEX exchange.

Arena Battles

Another aspect of Hyper Dragons is the arena battles.

Registration for the battles opens up every 30 minutes or so. You have to wait for participants of Gen 0 – 15, 16-40, and 41-70 to sign up and battle.

This is because dragons of different generations have different amounts of HP, skills, and other stats.

Participants wager ETH for a percentage of the rewards. You can even wager ETH on battles that you are not involved in under the “prediction” tab.


If you win, you get a trophy badge and an ETH reward.

Attacking Other Castles and Seizing Resources

If you want to attack and seize the resources of another castle, you can draft a team of dragons, then click the attack button in the lower right hand corner.

You will receive a certain amount of resources like sand and crystal, if you are successful.

I like that it doesn’t cost a gas fee when you decide to attack.

Other games can overdo it with the transaction fees, and it can cost alot of money.

Breeding Hyper Dragons

Just like crypto kitties, you can breed Hyper Dragons to create new dragons that combine the traits and skills of your two dragons.

If you breed and create a rare Hyper Dragon with valuable traits, it could be worth a significant amount of ETH.

Good Luck! Try out Hyper Dragons and please follow me on twitter here, so you have a chance to win my character.


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