Mythereum Review

Mythereum Review

This week i started playing a new card battling game called Mythereum.  Mythereum is a turn-based card game, which is similar to Magic the Gathering or Hearthstone.

You can get started playing it by receiving a free deck on the site here.

Your free deck will be the Survivor Edition. This is a basic deck of 7 cards to get you started.

You can also purchase the medium level deck, called the Awakening Edition for .043 ETH. The Awakening Edition has more powerful characters with higher ranking HP, attack, defense, and magic.

If you want the most powerful deck in the game, you can buy the Genesis Edition, which costs .221 ETH.

You can also buy cards individually in the marketplace, to create your own ultimate deck.

Mythereum’s Gameplay

The gameplay of Mythereum is very simple.  You need a minimum of 7 cards to start battling.

When you start a battle, your cards are shuffled and you are randomly dealt 5 cards.

The cards that are drawn, are the leaders, which will battle against each other during a “turn based system”. When your leader dies, you will need to choose another leader from your deck.

The cards on the left-hand side are your support cards.

When your leader dies (and they will die often!), you have to choose a support card to replace them. Just drag it over to the battle area, when your leader dies, or you need to replace them.

If you don’t like your support leaders, you can also randomly choose another card from your deck, by dragging it to the face down cards below the support.

There is a certain amount of time allotted to make your moves (4 min in a battle).

If you don’t make the move within this time period, you will go into autoplay, and your cards will be chosen for you.

When you are ready to start fighting, click “attack”!

Check out the video below, to see some of Mythereum’s gameplay in action:

Card Stats

If your “attack” stats are higher than your opponents “defense” stats, you will defeat your enemy. If not, the amount of attack points will be deducted from the defense points.

Each player also gains Magick points with each turn.

If enough magik points are gathered, then their special ability will be activated.

If your leader’s ability is activated, your attack and defense points at the bottom, will be added to the current stats!

Earn MX tokens in Strongholds (Mine. Steal. Craft. Earn)

The strongholds section is the part of the game where you can stake your coins, invest in different types of mines, or join an alliance, or go to war to earn Mythex (MX) tokens.

You can improve the output of your mining by upgrading your mines using Mythex tokens, Gold, Stone, Iron, Crop, Clay, Wood, Meat.

You can also produce resources to sell to other players that need to upgrade their mines.

In addition, you can raid your opponents, to steal some of their MX tokens. You can create a deck to be the raiders and the defenders against an attack.

Building a Deck From The Mythereum Marketplace

The marketplace is where you can go to bid on and pickup new cards on order to build your dream-deck.

If you are starting with a Survivor Edition Deck, you might want to pick up a few cards from the market place. This will allow you to build a very powerful deck.

You can buy cards individually, or upgrade to the Awakening Deck or Genesis Deck for a better experience when battling.

I had alot of fun battling. It was cool to build a deck, battle against opponents, and conduct raids to gain MX tokens.

Mythereum was a fun review, let me know if you liked playing it as well. Dont hesitate to contact me on Twitter @cryptogamesnow

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